Lunch Program

The Hot Lunch Program is run by the Graminia School Foundation and parent volunteers. It offers a variety of hot food and nutritious snacks brought in from outside vendors to students and staff once per week. Students and/or parents pre-order their prepared lunches one week in advance using the school's hot lunch website. Orders are prepared and delivered to classrooms for distribution at the beginning of the lunch eating period. 

How to Order Hot Lunch

  1. Go to
  2. Select "Register" from the menu at the top right hand corner to sign up.
  3. Set up your user id and password.
  4. Once registered you are automatically logged into the website.
  5. Add your student(s) by selecting the Student link at the bottom of the page you are on.
  6. Follow the online instructions to order and pay. You can pay by credit card without creating a PayPal account.

For more information contact:
Graminia School
Phone: 780-963-5035