Development Plan

Graminia School's Development Plan is an integral component of our school accountability and assurance. This plan is an extension of the Parkland School Division Education Plan, which sets out educational priorities and assurance elements within the domains of education, while outlining the Division's Vision, Mission, Values, Ultimate Goal and Priorities. A strong plan implements strategies to maintain or improve student learning and achievement - while monitoring and adjusting as needed - and to help the school and division in making evidence-based decisions.

Baseline Report & Development Plan

For the 2020-2021 school year, every Parkland School Division school has chosen one primary assurance element from the Division Education Plan as their area of focus, and two secondary elements as their supplementary areas of interest. With these elements in mind, the school consults with staff and stakeholders to determine where their practices sit at present and outline this information in a Baseline Report.

After establishing this baseline, the school then draws up a Development Plan with strategies to follow for the remainder of the school year, with the goal of improving their practices and achieving their desired state - one that aligns with the Division's Mission, Vision and Values.

Element of Focus - Excellent Teaching

For the 2020-2021 school year, Graminia School has chosen Excellent Teaching as its element of focus, with Student Achievement and Professional Learning as its supplementary elements of interest. With these elements in mind, Graminia has outlined the school's Baseline Report and Development Plan.

As a blueprint for success, this plan endeavors to create strategies with clear outcomes that pave the way to Student Success and Well-Being.

By participating in Alberta Education’s Assurance Model, our school and our stakeholders are actively engaged in the development of our own local priorities and plans. Our development plan allows us to remain simultaneously forward-thinking and responsive to stakeholder concerns.

As Graminia School is committed to growth and learning, our developmental planning is a process without beginning or end. By crafting clearly visible elements and effective strategies in our development planning process, we actively contribute to creating a transformative and transparent school division.

2020-2021 Focus Areas & Action Plan

Why These Areas?

Provincial Achievement Test Scores from the last number of years have shown these areas as a focus for growth.

We want to refine our continual improvement processthrough short-cycle inquiry.

High levels of variability in the proficiency of students require greater adaptability in programming.

We want to increase teacher capacity to meet the needs of all learners.

Writing Assessment

  • Increase teacher knowledge of writing development to foster a common language.
  • Curate a continuum of writing rubrics and exemplars to support both teachers and students in identifying where students are at in their writing and steps required to move them forward.
  • Increased reliability of writing assessment and evaluation.

Teaching Sprints

  • Focus of three high-efficiency strategies for the improvement of student achievement:
    1. Cognitive Load Theory
    2. Feedback and Assessment
    3. Spaced Review & Retrieval Practice
  • Use short-cycle inquiry process to put these strategies in place and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Increase collaboration between teachers to aid the implementation and evaluation of these strategies.

Number Sense Sequencing

  • Increase teacher knowledge of the development of Number Sense from Kindergarten to Grade 9.
  • Share current activities used to target the development of Number Senseat different grades.
  • Increase teachers' knowledge around activities outside of their grade level that develop Number Sense.